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Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets

9 October 2019


We are almost in the mid-October, high tide is coming and the best light ever is fading away slowly. The first chapter  about this topic was about the main components characterizing the period, specifically sunrise. Well, atmosphere and lights are the main components of Venice magic shooting sunset too. Probably even more amazing because they force you to walk around, getting inevitably lost in the less touristy areas of the city or where the real Venetian life is.

venice lights sunset streetphotography
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph

venice lights sunset streetphotography


These areas acquire a magical allure. You perfectly know that all around is crowded, but Venice is magical and it's enough to turn into a calle or a rio terà to find peace and noise again. Till you realize that maybe it's better to walk away from St'Mark's Square and Rialto Bridge to experience the real Venice!!

Yes, it would be really easy and helpful to tell you where these areas are. Insted I prefer to walk around with nice people, passionate about photography, interested to discover the city together, to share ideas, to try new techniques and learn always something new. Then I would never let you get lost in the city alone, you need a local to take care of you!!

Atmosphere & Lights

Yes, again, these two components are the reason why every year I fall in love with Venice and the ones that let me leave as soon as winter arrives. I have a thing for the end of summer and beginning of autumn. So many good memories from the past probably. As soon as September comes I fell better, I feel happy, I just wish I have more time to take pictures around. But work is work and when I have the chance to shoot I take them as a gift.... because man..the light...

Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-venice lights streetphotography
Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-venice lights streetphotography
Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-venice lights streetphotography
venice lights sunset streetphotography


Obviously portraits, the best light, the best memories of your amazing holiday. Walking around, discover the magical glimpses of this city where you can feel the real vibes characterizing it. Immerse yourself in this atmosphere, enjoying the peace and the quiet. The hidden Venice will offer you the best chance for an unforgettable and unique portrait in the best scenery possible during a Venice magic shooting sunset!

Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-portrait photo shooting
Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-portrait photo shooting
Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-portrait photo shooting

So don't miss the chance, now, tomorrow, whenever you want. Contact me and let's create the magic together with an amazing portrait session!  Bring home your best memories, with a friend, your partner or your personal portfolio to remember an amazing experience!

Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets-couple portrait session


Remember, there's nothing better to bring a friend. Someone to share your ideas about photography, every time you are around taking pictures, someone to discuss with, to compare. This moment of the year is particularly nice to me also because a good friend comes to visit Venice. It's always great to enjoy street photography and sharing ideas with him, asking for opinions (he' also responsible for my new camera).

Magic Photo Shooting Sunsets-portrait photo shooting-venice lights streetphotography, he's not the major, fortunately! So thank you Joe for the time we spent shooting around and all the talks!

venice lights sunset streetphotography
venice lights sunset streetphotography

Wait no more, check the website and book your favorite photo tour or portrait session. I'll be here to share my knowledge, my passion, my tips with whoever share love for photography and will fall in love with Venice!




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