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Venice magic pictures for early birds

19 August 2019

The big unbearable, annoying August crowd is basically gone. Temperature starts to be more pleasant, but the most important thing is that September and October are coming! The most amazing months of the year are going to give us the best lights ever to make Venice even more magical and enjoyable. The perfect chance for early birds Venice magic pictures. Why so exited  because of  two months that are also giving advance notice of the end of summer?

As you can imagine because of great chances for photo shootings and  amazing portraits. Obviously there are moments like early mornings and late afternoons that are always good for shooting sessions in Venice... but man..those months are magical. At least for me because of my amazing memories and vibes about them. Before the awful foggy winter, during this golden period  they offer unique things and chances fo the Venice magic pictures.


Sunrise is a great moment for a photo shooting. It's the real unique one to enjoy the beautiful moments that this city has to offer. I love it because it's possible to take pictures pretty much everywhere, there are no people, absolutely no crowd (that could be shocking in a positive way if you are used to walk around in the day). Especially in one of the most crowed places on the earth! Visiting the Square is never a good idea if you wanna really enjoy it, but sunrise changes everything, workers (not all) are still sleeping. Tourists are still recovering from the day before, so couple of hours are just for the romantics and the braves that want to fully enjoy the heart of Venice.

Venice magic pictures-piazza san marco sunrise
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph
Venice magic pictures-piazza san marco sunrise

As I mentioned before the all city is beautiful and amazingly empty so it's just about to decide where to go. The results and purposes will be reached and respected. Speaking about this, another amazing spot where to enjoy a great photo shooting is Punta della Dogana. One of the most stunning places of the city despite of the light, but unbelievable with the right one!

Venice magic pictures-punta della dogana
punta della dogana - sunrise photo shooting session


So, yes a sunrise shooting session is possible even in St. Mark's Square and it's beautiful having (and shooting) portraits next to the greatest example of bizantine, gothic and islamic architecture example ever. The Doge's Palace is stunning thanks to the sunlight that passes through it and thanks to the calm before the city wakes up. The architecture, the perspective, the angles, the art all around with the sun rising behind offer the best blend ever to achieve beautiful results.


Especially if it's the first time ever in Venice, waking up for the sunrise is difficult, terrible, almost unbearable because, hey you're on holiday right? So why suffer to see just another place in the world? You can have your pictures in another moment, maybe another day. I can promise you that once there you will be happy of your choice. You won't fell sleepy anymore and your only thought will be focus on the wonder in front of your eyes and you'll be so happy to have the chance to create a book of your best memories in Venice after the portrait session with me.

Venice magic pictures-sunrise couple photo shooting
Venice magic pictures-sunrise couple photo shooting
Venice magic pictures-sunrise couple photo shooting

Why waiting?

Ok yes, you need to wait just for the second part of this article, but hey, don't waste your time in the meanwhile. The best moths are coming, check the link, contact me  and let's create the magic together in one of the most amazing place in the world!




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