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Venice Biennale

Being a photographer at the Biennale of Venice is not a job for me: it’s a honor and a real pleasure.


Venice is synonymous with art and one of its biggest symbols is the Biennale of Art and Architecture – renowned all over the world.

As soon as I graduated in Art History, I started orbiting around this amazing event made of beautiful venues and incredible pavilions, immersed in a surreal and almost magical atmosphere. I was always attracted by interior design, but it was thanks to the Biennale of Venice that I officially decided to capture that kind of environment with my photos.

Living in Venice for a long time, I developed a great understanding of it. I arrived here as an architectural restorer, and I couldn’t choose a better place where to deepen my passion for art and architecture. Thinking back, I feel like Venice was meant to be my home base.

I started attending Ca’ Foscari University, where I got a Master’s degree in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Events that helped me get an even better picture of the state of art and architecture – in general and in Venice specifically.

In the meanwhile, I kept growing as a self-taught photographer and I was able to organize my first professional photo exhibition at Montenegro Pavilion at the Biennale of Venice in May 2012.

At that point, I wanted to get more and more involved with photography at Venice Biennale.


In 2014, I did a shooting at the vernissage in Palazzo Bembo. Thanks to that work, I was noticed by the architect Kris Yao. He asked me to take photos of his installation in order to create a catalogue. It was a really interesting and fascinating experience, that definitely satisfied both of us.

At the Venice Biennale of 2016, I had the chance to shoot for the Irish Pavilion at the Arsenale. And for the Nigerian Pavilion at Spazio Punch, in Giudecca Island.

At the Biennale of Art in 2017, I took photos for the Korea and Brazil Pavilions at Giardini Biennale. Furthermore I was the official photographer for the Cuban Arts Group.

In 2018, I was part of the Brazil Pavilion again during the Venice Biennale of Architecture. That brought us to extend our collaboration to the upcoming 2019 Art Biennale. That year I I will also be the official photographer for Pakistan Pavilion, at its first appearance in the event. After the forced stop due to Covid I had the pleasure to work once more for Brazil Pavilion in 2021. I also worked for Flint Culture shooting the beautiful exhibition by Wallace Chan, Titans.


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