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Hello, I am Riccardo, a portrait, landscape and commercial photographer.

My degree in art history proves how much I love art in all of its forms – but I’m also fond of traveling, exploring, meeting new people, making experiences that inspire me and surfing whenever I have the chance. These, together with photography, are the things that thrill me and keep me alive.
I’ve been living in Venice for a long time now: this city attracted me since the first time I visited it as a kid. Wandering around its alleys with my mum made me sense its magical atmosphere and immediately enchanted me. My bond with Venice grew stronger over the years, so I couldn’t help but move here as soon as I could.
My love for art has always been with me, then my studies helped me forge my style and experience reality through an artistic filter. My personal background perfectly matches with Venice – a place where my passion for photography can meet wondrous beauty. I will never get tired of its sights and, through my pictures, I tell stories of my Venice. Every corner of the city holds a little piece of me – pieces of unforgettable happiness and indelible sadness. Pieces of life.

As a professional photographer, I like to make you feel comfortable so that you can express your emotions all over the town – emotions that I capture in my shots, then give back to you as precious memories.

I put all of my own energy in every photo I shoot – whether I have to describe the love of an engagement, to tell the story and values of a company, to portray mouth-watering dishes or to picture some architectural marvels. I need to feel personally involved in order to give my best, and that’s what I’ll do with you too.

I will take care of your needs and desires, always putting quality before quantity.
This is my way to be honest with you, with my work and with myself.

Let’s get in touch.
Let’s create something beautiful together.


2004 - 2005
University chapter one - While studying Art History I got my first compact camera and fell in love with photography during my first trip to Paris. Still my favorite city in the world and a great source of inspiration.
2007 - 2010
After the bachelor's degree in Art History I studied to become an art restorer, nurturing photography in the meanwhile, got my first DSLR Canon, constantly improving
2011 - 2013
University chapter two - I came back to complete my master degree in Economics and Management of Art, and during this awesome period I met great friends that helped me to organize my first solo exhibition in Venice "Paesaggi a presa rapida. Vedute urbane nella fotografia di Riccardo Tosetto"
2014 - 2015
After the master degree I got my first big assignment for Kris Yao I Artech during the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture and then started to work on Shooting Different to help photographers to discover my city
First work experience abroad in a photo studio in Amsterdam to learn and increase my photography experience as a professional and first assignments in Italy as soon as I came back to Venice


After the experience in The Netherlands I started to figure out a few things about the freelance life learning how to settle as a photographer getting the first shootings while still working in artistic institutions in Venice. 
Took the exam to become an Official Tour Guide in Venice and officially started "Shooting Different - Venice Photo Tours". Also making portraits of great people who want to create the beautiful memories with me. Working as a Tour Guide during the season with the chance to meet a lot of different interesting humans.


My first intercontinental trip was to Indonesia. I always love visiting Europe but I put my self in a so different reality to discover amazing new cultures. South-east Asia in particular was a blast and a great source of inspiration for my photography. Since the first flight I don't mind flying for 20 hours because everything will be worth it!
2019 - 2022
Struggling during the covid situation, working, improving, traveling a bit, doing my best everyday to offer great experiences and memories to my clients


Don’t hesitate to chat with me, just leave a message.