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Corporate Photographer

Every business has a story: it is the result of someone’s sacrifices, commitment and dedication along the years. It was born from a dream – a dream come true in order to bring value and meaning to people. Corporate photography is what allows you to tell your story to the world.

That story is made of all the people that work behind the scenes of your business – partners and employees. The team plays a big part in making a company unique: it’s like a big family that works together with one specific goal – to create a product or service and deliver it to the people.

The product or service itself can be told through corporate photography: it’s the core of your dream, so it deserves to be enhanced! Whatever its purpose is – to give joy and happiness, to decorate, to simplify things, to make someone smile, to seal a promise or a relationship, to make everyone’s life better – it needs to be explained to your audience.

Images are the most powerful tool you could use for that! They are impactful and have the power to communicate in a direct and strong way. Of course, you will have to ask a corporate photographer to take professional pictures that tell all the shades of the story of your business.

Whenever I work with companies, the first thing I do is just listen: I want to get to know you and your business, I want to hear your story… and then I’ll tell it to everyone thanks to the photos I shoot.


As a corporate photographer, I will be able to take professional portraits of your staff, creators, designers, artisans and manufacturers who are the real engine of your company.


Through interior photography, I will also describe the place where the magic happens and where your team works.

I will dive into the everyday reality of your business in order to get its essence, document its core and the creation process of your products. I can shoot a reportage of your expert manufacturers while they carefully create a specific object, or of your chef while he composes an edible masterpiece.


I need to understand how you see your own products before taking still life photos of them. I will create the right atmosphere, sometimes with the help of some extra lights or with some special background to get a personalized effect.

Food photography is another service I can provide you: as much as the chef’s creations are able to communicate, the same will do the pictures I shoot. Food can become art, and the right photographs can help it appear at its best.

Through any kind of photos that I will take, I’ll show how unique your company is so that everyone will finally know!

Whatever message you wish to communicate to your audience, let’s talk about it and see how to translate it into images. I am going to use my artistic background in order to create emotional images to tell your ideas, your thoughts and your reality exactly the way you want them to be expressed.

Whether you have to upload the photos on your website, share them on your social media channels, use them for a new catalogue, a banner, an exhibition or an event – or whatever other purpose comes to your mind: a corporate photographer like me can really help you spread the quality of your work as much as possible.


First of all, we can arrange a call for a consultation so that you can explain me your expectations and ideas and let me know the details of your activity. If you are settled in Venice or nearby, we can meet in person a few days before the shooting.

I will be at your disposal for an entire day or more, if it’s necessary to complete the shooting.

I will deliver 40-60 digital files in high resolution via internet (the number depends on our agreement).


Don’t hesitate to chat with me, just leave a message.