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Venice Tours


9 November 2019
New approach It hasn't been an easy process, I have to admit it, but finally I made the move and I bought a new Canon EOS R, yes a mirrorless.…

Venice Magic Shooting Sunsets

9 October 2019
When We are almost in the mid-October, high tide is coming and the best light ever is fading away slowly. The first chapter  about this topic was about the main…

Venice magic pictures for early birds

19 August 2019
The big unbearable, annoying August crowd is basically gone. Temperature starts to be more pleasant, but the most important thing is that September and October are coming! The most amazing…

Winter vibes through architecture and memories

29 January 2019
It's slow season, it's really really cold, empty and desert areas, no lines outside museums, just few people around, some bars and restaurants are closed, can you imagine a better…

Sunrise, better Venice

2 September 2018
It's not that common but sometimes my clients prefer the lights of the sunrise to the fascinating venetian darkness, and even if I find extremely difficult to wake up, being…

Unexpected couples based Venice Photo Tour

13 July 2018
It happens that  @jaykannon , who studied here and he obviously fell in love with Venice, comes here to visit his old friends and ask you to take a Venice Photo…

Early morning to enjoy Venice

12 June 2018
When I started Shooting Different-Venice Photo Tours my aim was to let discover to my clients Venice during the night, when it's more fascinating and intriguing, to give them also the…

Remember to look up, always

11 May 2018
While walking in the most beautiful city in the world don't waste your time looking at the thousands shops full of the most different kind of bullshit, chocolate falls, stupid…

Unusual Lido

5 May 2018
During a long week end when it's holiday in Italy the smartest thing to do to escape the tourists invasion is to leave Venice and..explore!The lagoon offers several amazing islands…
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