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When the rain can’t bother me

6 April 2018
Sunday it was a bad day, definitely, heavy rain, hail..I found this beautiful girl and I was so disappointed because due to the forecast we initially cancelled the shooting.But we…

Sweet memories_Kri_#tbt_#2

3 April 2018
Nostalgic process still heavily going on, another #tbt of this week is about the paradise that I found in the island of KriNew pictures on the website soon Cheers

Spring, Sun, Walks and Portraits!

28 March 2018
After about ten days of fear winter seems finally gone and I was lucky to meet Nicolas for another great portrait session with a new friend! Don't miss the chance…

Sweet memories_Arborek_#tbt #1

20 March 2018
Reorganizing the hard drive, editing's impossible to not notice so recent pictures that speak about something that seems so far after just two months in the real world.The #tbt…

New portrait season begins, thank you Irene

16 March 2018
After crazy cold days finally a taste of spring with and amazing sun to warm up our bodies and mostly our souls! More about Irene will be on my website…

Finally, the sun

7 March 2018
After days and days of rain, finally a beautiful sunny afternoon, it seems also spring today and nothing would have been better than a walk till the top of one…

Once a year it’s even more magic

2 March 2018
It's rare and when it happens nobody should waste time to complain about anything but just to admire it astonished, because it's even more beautiful and you already know that…

Back to reality_chapter #9

23 February 2018
Every trip needs to come to an end, especially if it was a vacation, so it’s time for a small analysis, inevitable after one month abroad.Every journey teaches something, a…

Prambanan_Borobudur_chapter #8

15 February 2018
Here we are to the real reason for being in Yogyakarta, two amazing temples, an hindu one and a buddhist one.I don’t know how many people will read this post,…

Yogyakarta_chapter # 7

8 February 2018
Leaving Bali has been pretty sad, but this trip had something else to show so the last stop is Yogyakarta, main venue for everyone that are interested in the Hindu…

Goodbye Bali_Canggu_chapter #6

1 February 2018
Being the first time on this side of the world, in this trip I decided to explore rather then stay for a long time in the same place. So I've…

Bali again, Uluwatu, chapter #5

27 January 2018
Bali again After the transfer from Gili Air we had another small car trip with our Indonesian friend Made from Kuta. So Bali again, Uluwatu this time.From the car Kuta…

Gili Air, chapter #4

24 January 2018
Another Paradise From the Hanging Gardens the trip (400rp) was pretty fun. First part (my favorite) on a small van, with a funny nice driver who really liked Blink 182…

Finally Bali, Ubud, chapter #3

19 January 2018
Hospitality, Kindness, Smiles, from everyone Finally in Bali, Ubud and the impact with this town has been amazing, spirituality is the main character of this great place. Ubud is a…

Unforgettable Paradise, Raja Ampat, chapter #2

14 January 2018
After another long flight Jakarta wasn't so crazy after all, landed in Sorong I found a nuthouse! Hundreds small guys screaming and asking for a ride to the harbor with…

Jakarta_chapter #1

11 January 2018
On our way to Raja Ampat islands internet connection disappeared and it was kinda nice to livewithout for about 4 days, but I'll tell you something a about this in…


2 January 2018
It's been a while, but now it's my turn to relax. Last year has been though, full of big changes, I became a freelance, I finally realized my project Venice…
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