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Bali again, Uluwatu, chapter #5

27 January 2018

Bali again

After the transfer from Gili Air we had another small car trip with our Indonesian friend Made from Kuta. So Bali again, Uluwatu this time.
From the car Kuta is crazy crowed and super touristic. We took a lot to drive out of the city because of traffic, I'm pretty glad that we didn't stopped there.

Accommodation, no

As soon as we arrived, thinking to our previous experiences, all my Airbnb expectations collapsed. This time definetely, accommodation, no. Papers with many rules about how to behave. Useless direction on a useless handmade map. Wifi password with recommendation to use it in moderation. The promise of a person (with his phone number) to contact in case of need since the place was in the middle of nowhere, that never answered. No towels, no soap, stinky blankets, at least one roll of toilet paper and comfortable beds.
Anyway in the morning we had a long walk and we met an old english man. He was living in Bali since '84. He showed us a nice restaurant and a place to rent scooters (50/60k rp per day all around the island). In this case safety was definitely not first. Also here forget Uber.


So many beaches

Around Uluwatu there are so many beaches, all amazing and with a scooter is pretty easy (with google maps) to reach them. It's also very nice because of the hills, many hairpin turns and amazing landscapes. Obviously a lot of attention is needed because driving is on the left and basically there're no rules on the road!

Check the tides!

January is not the perfect month in Bali, storms and a lot of rain in the night destroyed roads and raise the tides a lot in the morning. Anyway we found some nice places to relax under the savage Indonesian sun. Always remember protection 50+, that sun is savage.
Every beach has a ridiculous price to pay (2/3k rp = 0,12€) to park the scooter. Obviously nobody tells you before about the high tide. Always check the tides before! In fact we haven't been able to reach Uluwatu beach that was suppose to be pretty amazing. Same for Padang Padang (the one of the movie Eat Pray Love), incredible high tide so we stopped there just to watch a super funny monkey for a while.



Finally we arrived in Balangan, nice beach and good weaves so I had the chance to surf. Remember that here almost all surf boards for rent are cover with a strange rough rubber, so don't do like me, remember tu put a t-shirt on!
After that nothin's better than a Bintang on the beach looking at the ocean and listening to the waves.

Bintang on the beach

Before to leave a must do was the view from the hill over Balangan Beach for a stunning view. Apparently a lot of married couples had the same thought about it for their wedding photo shooting.


Melasti beach

Melasti is another great beach but to surf Pandawa is better, the scenery are both stunning though. Clearly, even with a t-shirt my abdomen got way worse.


Uluwatu Temple

Finally another must do was the Pura Luhur Ulu Watu, the Uluwatu Temple,  with the temple accessible just by hindu observants. Less monkeys than Ubud but way more intrusive. Anyway mystical view from the cliff.


The best moment is toward the sunset when there's also the chance to watch the Kecak (Monkeys Dance) in the theater on the ocean.


Time to go to the north, Canggu's waiting




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