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Unforgettable Paradise, Raja Ampat, chapter #2

14 January 2018

After another long flight

Jakarta wasn't so crazy after all, landed in Sorong I found a nuthouse! Hundreds small guys screaming and asking for a ride to the harbor with their rattletrap. Our driver turned on the car with wires. I thought that I would have never arrived but even crashes at all.


Arborek in my heart forever

My first truly unforgettable Paradise, Raja Ampat. Here we made four different stops with the same kind of accommodations. Stilt houses on the water, bathroom consisted in a wc inside a shed, flush was a big ladle. Shower was a big tub with another ladle. Pretty savage but certainly authentic.
Food was good in the beginning, but repetitive, rice, fish, vegetables, bananas, in different modes. They were used to fish for us, it was all-inclusive for 350.000 rp (21€) so no complains at all!
Every place was perfect for snorkeling and enjoying the most amazing reef ever and its fishes, turtles, mantas, a real divers' paradise.
First home stay was in Arborek (cover picture), really small island in the middle of nowhere. Peaceful and relaxing with many nice and friendly hosts that took care of us.


They also brought us for an excursion to visit the amazing Pyanemo. We snorkeled around there, had lunch on an amazing beach were we socialized with few iguanas.


Mansuar, real jungle

Next stop Mansuar incredibly quiet place with just two stilt houses in front of the jungle. We escaped the day after because we slept with huge spiders and other big bugs, fortunately we had a mosquito net.



We moved to Kri for a couple of nights, the place was quite relaxing but not as good as the others, we decided to explore more so we spent the last three days on another island.


Stunning last Gam

Gam was amazing, we have been welcomed by the kindest people since we arrived (and everyone has been pretty nice with us)! Amazing place, great view, good food, big and comfortable accommodations. The best way to complete our stay in the unforgettable paradise, Raja Ampat.


Now it's time to fly to Bali with the right energy and sensations, hoping that Garuda (the fifth most dangerous air company in the world) will allow us to do it!
Hope to write you soon


p.s. yes I know, I love clouds, I'm crazy
about clouds



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