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Once a year it’s even more magic

2 March 2018

It's rare and when it happens nobody should waste time to complain about anything but just to admire it astonished, because it's even more beautiful and you already know that it won't last long, so do a favor to your self, take your coat and go out for the most amazing walk ever.

Venice Photo Tours

Castello is the most authentic area to explore, no tourist (just few), great calm and wonderful glimpses that the snow makes even more attractive. Zanipolo's church is stunning during all year but now well...

Venice Photo Tours
Shooting Different_Venice Photo Tour_2018 (38 di 13).jpg

It's easy then to reach the most curious library ever, Libreria Acqua Alta and arriving you'll find this small island composed by the tallest buildings in the city (with the ones in the Jewish quarter).

Venice Photo Tours

Cannaregio anyway offers crazy spots too, it's the most residential sestiere of Venice and getting lost there it's always a pleasure, also for me even if I can't get lost anymore!

Shooting Different_Venice Photo Tour_2018 (46 di 13).jpg
Venice Photo Tours
So what are you waiting for?
Check my website , book your Venice Photo Tour to take the most amazing pictures ever getting lost in the most hidden areas of this incredible city! I promise that you'll feel lost but  I won't, you'll be safe and sound in the end, I promise!



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