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Leaving New York never easy

21 January 2020

Leaving New York, never easy, in fact the last day in NYC was the only one without the sun. Pretty gloomy and gray (the day I left it was raining, so perfect timing I guess, despite of the cold obviously!). Rain was also sad considering that I was leaving. Anyway I dedicated the day to shopping thanking to the super patient Geneviève that brought me to a lot of places where I didn't buy basically anything! NYC is the place where you can do shopping for more than a week because there are to many things and places to choose from.

Street gear

As the title says, in this city the photo opportunities are endless, so I decided to pair my Canon EOS R and the control ring mount adapter just with the Canon 50mm f/1.2, its wide aperture is perfect for quick shots and dark light conditions.

all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph
Leaving New York never easy, downtown-manhattan-empire-state-building-sunset
Leaving New York never easy, downtown-manhattan-freedom-tower-sunset
Leaving New York never easy, downtown-manhattan-empire-state-building-sunset

Having the chance to visit NYC many times I would dedicate one of these taking pictures in the subway for sure. So many different people, so many stories characterized by a unique atmosphere.

Leaving New York never easy, downtown-manhattan-midtown-subway

Well I can't say nothing but that this city is incredibly beautiful, crazy and full of life. It didn't impressed me immediately like I thought. But but as soon as I started to discover it I started to feel the vibes that a book or a movie can't give. At the same time while finding new places you realize how many others you are missing. The city fascinated me since I was a kid, the dream as a photographer now. See you soon NYC.

Yes, leaving New York, never easy, but now it's time for new adventures and trips around the world, so follow me on Instagram and get in touch if you need a portraits or a photo shooting before to see you in Venice with the new season!


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