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Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok

10 March 2020

A sweet escape from Bkk

Just couple of hours far from the city there's an amazing Unesco site full of beautiful temples, Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok. We needed a break from the air and the chaos of Bkk so we decided for the cheapest day trip ever. We paid 15 baht (0,45€) to do 80km and it's took 2 hours, not the best trip ever but the faster for sure considering the traffic!

Once in Ayutthaya we rent a bike and crossed the river to reach the area of the temples. Actually I would have rent a scooter, the distances are not crazy. But it's hot and there are some steep tract and the traffic in the connection areas is bit crazy..anyway pretty enjoyable. The temples are pretty much everywhere and to enter in each one's area is necessary to pay 50 baht (1,50€). Nothing for the amazing ruins that you are going to see! When you rent your bike/motorbike ask for the free map and it will be super easy.

Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok, sunset
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph
Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok
Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok

About taking pictures

Again, the big problem for me but in general for photographers is the light. Terrible during the day, strong, direct, too shining. Yes I know, there are ND filters but it's not the same. In the beginning I was reluctant about using my Canon EOS R, but then being patient, cycling, walking around, eating something the lights start to be better. The atmosphere improved too and taking pictures starts to make sense and the results pretty appreciable!

Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok, sunset

Now, thinking about that day I wouldn't have left Bangkok so early in the morning. I would have relaxed more and reached the place at least 2/2,5 hours later because managing the time it's possible to see and visit pretty much everything when it's cooler. Furthermore the atmosphere is nicer towards and during the golden hours that is fundamental in this kind of environments.

Then after a quick dinner and a long trip after a great day in Ayutthaya the peaceful side of Bangkok, we run on the roof top to enjoy the pool with a Tiger that we were dreaming since a long time and to recharge our energies for the next day, direction Myanmar.


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