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Stacey & Nick. Love in Dorsoduro

26 August 2021

I met Stacey & Nick here in Venice and I experienced their pure love in Dorsoduro through my lens. Another couple of friends wanted a surprise for their engagement. They ask me to immortalize their love in my city. As soon as I knew them they were super happy about the idea and we all agreed to reach my favorite sestiere in Venice, Dorsoduro.

Wherever you look Venice offers the perfect stage to whoever is in love. But the light was simply amazing, warm and enchanting. Simply perfect. Dorsoduro then gave the surplus I needed, that makes every photo shooting more than special. For me this south area of the city is magical. I lived here during my best years while at the University and I have extremely beautiful but also sad memories about. Very strong feeling that I'm always bringing with me. All feelings that just a city like Venice can give you.


Stacey & Nick fitted perfectly in this magical context expressing their pure love in Dorsoduro. The area is full of cute spots, its the art district of the city. It's peaceful and full of art galleries, beauty is everywhere. From Campo San Vio and its view on the Grand Canal. San Gregorio and its porch introducing to Basilica della Salute. Probably the most impressive view of the city. The beautiful baroque church offered the perfect scenery even under restoration and Punta della della Dogana took everyone's breath away as usual.

This unexpected photo shooting was an incredibly fun and nice experience for me. It was like I was with two friends and everything has been extremely natural and relaxed. Definitely something I hope it would happen every time I grab my camera to immortalize love in Venice.

"We got the chance to do an engagement photo shoot with Riccardo during our stay in Venice. Riccardo took advantage of the sunset hour. He brought us to different part of the city to get the best shots. He was pretty discreet and he let us be in our bubble, so it was not hard to relax and forget the camera. We had so much fun, and the pictures turned out to be amazing! Grazie mille Ricardo!" - Stacey & Nick -




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