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Shooting with Karuna, the pleasure of making portraits

9 December 2021

I was honored when Karuna chose me to be her photographer and take her some portraits to build the website for her business program! She's a photographer as well and I always loved her work, style and positive attitude. Nothing makes a photographer happier than another photographer he likes asking to take pictures of her!  So I had a great afternoon shooting with Karuna, the pleasure of making portraits to create something beautiful!


Karuna is a creative entrepreneur, photographer, artist, change-maker and coach (oh, and a mama). Her passion is helping female entrepreneurs, elevate their businesses and lives to the levels she knows are possible firsthand. She devoted her life to showing other passionate entrepreneurial women how they can incorporate more meaning,  purpose and magic into their lives by putting themselves first.

The Shooting

Shooting with Karuna was extremely easy, we got with the flow knowing exactly what she wanted. There was the time to try, to experiment with light, places and poses. Being on the same style page was the best thing in order to achieve a great result!

These kind of shooting are an everyday photographer dream, simply. Thank you so much Karuna!


"I hesitated to work with a man for my photos as my business is all about female energetics but felt into Riccardo's energy, his talent, and creative soul knew it was a good fit. Riccardo went above and beyond for the photos we created. As a photographer myself, I was very clear on what I wanted and Riccardo flowed seamlessly with all of my needs and requests. Highly recommended. Grazie Riccardo! ❤️  " - Karuna -

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