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Brooklyn Photography Paradise

18 January 2020

I dedicated the fourth day of my trip to visit few areas of Brooklyn photography paradise, that actually would have deserved definitely more time. Brooklyn is huge, for real, and I could have easily spent a week wandering around!

So same equipment, my new Canon EOS R, the Canon 17-40mm f/4 . Obviously the amazing control ring mount adapter to explore Brooklyn starting from the bottom.

Coney Island

I've always wanted to see this place since I watched one of my favorite movies about basketball, "He got game" directed by Spike Lee, with Denzel Washington and the Nba superstar Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth. Plus an amazing soundtrack by the Public Enemies.

Obviously November is not the best moment to be there because it's cold, the luna park is closed and there's not much fun around. But it was a beautiful day, super sunny with a blue sky and walking along the beach was pretty nice anyway!

Brooklyn Photography Paradise, coney-island-brooklyn-nyc
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph
Brooklyn Photography Paradise, coney-island-brooklyn-nyc

After the walk I had lunch at Nathan's, the most famous hot dog chain in the US. He was a polish immigrant that opened first a small kiosk on the beach in Coney Island in 1916. The recipe of the hot dog was invented by his wife and know is one of the best in the world.

Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg

Coming back from Coney Island you can't but stop at the Brooklyn Heights, sitting on a bench to enjoy the beautiful view of Downtown Manhattan. After a small rest, a nice walk brings under the Brooklyn bridge and from there is definitely worth. Then go to Williamsburg, a fancy, beautiful, hipster neighborhood, not as much as Dumbo probably (sorry no IG picture with Manhattan Bridge behind). Here there are nice views of Manhattan as well, offering the chance for good pictures especially taking advantage of the sunset lights. Before to enjoy a deserved rest in a great place if you like beer!

Brooklyn Photography Paradise, brooklyn-williamsburg-nyc-sunset
Brooklyn Photography Paradise, brooklyn-williamsburg-nyc-sunset


Brooklyn Brewery

The Brooklyn photography paradise is amazing also for other passions. I love craft beers and I tried their before but trying it here it's a completely different experience! The brewery is pretty big but incredibly cozy. The atmosphere is beautiful and the staff super nice even while waiting outside. They also offered a tour inside to talk about the history of the brewery and to show the machineries used to produce their beers. Obviously inside there's a wide choice of craft beers for a very good price (6$ almost all beers) being in one of the fanciest places in NYC.

brooklyn-williamsburg-nyc-sunset-brooklyn brewery

It has been a long day, after dinner at Katz's Delicatessen (there's no need to describe that place!),

and more than two hours trip in the subway (yes, I discovered that the NYC subway could be incredibly annoying during the week end). I was ready to enjoy my last day in the most famous city in the world.


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