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I know it's been a while but life sometimes if full of glitches that give you a lot of thoughts. People let you down, work overwhelm you an so on. But now here we go again, new website, new contents, new stories, new pictures and 10 amazing Canggu spots to enjoy food !

New memories too. Bali is far but not its memories, and now that many of you are probably going to be there for the summer holidays I'll be happy to share some suggestions to enjoy the local cuisine in Canggu, probably the best place where can stay!

I tried many places, and the list is a compromise between the fancy and the super traditional ones. The important thing to remember is that all the places that I'm going to mention are all characterized by healthy, fresh and tasty food. Incredibly cheap prices, from 25k and 110k Rp. (1,60€-7€) and of course by an amazingly kind and polite staff, always ready to give you a great smile changing your day or making it way better than it was!

I love surf so my favorite daily destination was Batu Bolong Beach and on Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong you can find some of the 10 amazing Canggu spots to enjoy food. So let's start!

Crate Cafe (Lifescrate)

On the left of Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, in Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong there's probably the most the most popular place in Canggu. Crowded from 6am to 4pm. Same price (45 or 55k Rp.) for every beautiful and incredibly tasty course from breakfast bowls, salads, breakkies, tosties, smoothies, chia bowls. Yes I said beautiful because their dishes are exactly like this, and the Crate Cafe is also the most instagrammable place in the world!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Crate Cafe - Lifescrate- Bali
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph


10 amazing Canggu spots-Crate Cafe - Lifescrate -Bali

   10 amazing Canggu spots-Crate Cafe - Chia Bowl


Super cute cafe in the beginning of Pantai Batu Bolong Street. Many different options among sweet brekkie, salads, burgers, pasta, veggie and vegetarian options as you can check on the manu directly from the website . This place is incredible also because if you are a fitness lover, here you can create your meal plan and also have nutrition consultation. Of course many healthy options speaking about smoothies and juices. Here you can't miss the Mega Chicken Salad, one the most both delicious and healthiest thing than I have ever tried. Just remember to be patient, nobody here is in a rush!

10 amazing Canggu spots-MOTION Cafe - Canggu - Bali
MOTION Cafe - Mega Chicken Bowl - Canggu - Bali

Cafe Organic

A lot of green is welcoming you here and protecting you from the traffic of this crowded road. Great place for smoothies and a really good coffee. Speaking about instagrammable places, also Cafe Organic has an amazing Instagram page! So if you are looking for a relaxing breakfast before to start your day this place is strongly recommended.

10 amazing Canggu spots-Cafe Organic -entrance
Cafe Organic -smoothie

Betelnut Cafe

One of my favorite cafe, probably my favorite in Canggu! The Betelnut Cafe offers the best choices before you morning surfing session and also the afternoon one. With a fulfilling breakfast with eggs, rice, tofu, beans and steamed vegetables and incredible smoothies after lunch. The best one is for sure the Super Smoothie with milk, banana, honey, peanut butter and almond milk,. The thickest and most delicious thing ever!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Betelnut Cafe - Breakfast
10 amazing Canggu spots-Betelnut Cafe - Smoothie

Avocado Factory

The first Bali avocado bar, if you like avocado you can't miss this small cute place on Jl.Tanah Barak. Here you can enjoy avocado in several, amazing, tasty ways. Bit more expensive compared to the other places that I mentioned but totally worth it because in every course there's a lot of work, fantasy and love! The Avocado Factory will let you think about this fruit from a totally different perspective!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Avocado Factory - Tuna bowl

Moving bit far from the main road to Batu Bolong Beach there are other nice authentic places among the 10 amazing Canggu spots where you can feel real balinese vibes:

Koin Cafe

Far from any crowd, in a small village called Tumbakbayuh, you can find the best nasi goreng of the area. Cozy and quiet place frequented mainly by locals, with crazy cheap prices and incredible kindness. Take your scooter for the ride that let you feel how real Indonesia tastes!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Koin Cafe - entrance
Koin Cafe - nasi goreng

Warung Java Banyuwangi Echo

Along Jl. Raya Canggu there's the best and most classical warung  on the road. Here you can custom you dish or your take away meal with rice or noodles or both as a base and then you can add everything, preferably fried! Shrimps, prawns, squid, soya, tofu, peanuts, potatoes, vegetables, with 1,5, maximum 2€ you can eat till you are stuffed!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Warung Java Banyuwangi Echo
Warung Java Banyuwangi Echo - inside

Deli kitchen

Yes we are in Bali and yes we are in Indonesia, but if you want a taste of Thailand you can't miss the Deli kitchen! The owner's wife is Thai and here you can try the best pad thai in Canggu. Obviously many other Thai and Indonesian courses, everything going with an incredible kindness that makes you feel home immediately!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Deli kitchen - pad thai

Born Bright

If you are coming back from Panatai Pererenan after an amazing sunset you have to stop along Jl. Pantai Pererenan to enjoy a great dinner at Born Bright. Based on gorgeous hamburgers, with fish, vegetarian and vegan options, tasty salads and other courses with fresh and organic ingredients. Perfect place also for breakfast and breaks along the day before your surf session!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Born Bright
Born Bright - food

Sizzle Wraps

Coming back from a day in Seseh Beach this place is perfect to try street food with exotic vibes, I mean not properly Indonesian! On Jl. By Pass Tanah Lot Sizzle Wraps offers an amazing Mexican option going with the freshness of the local food and obviously the smiles of the staff. As soon as you seat down the guys there offer you crazy good and tasty chips with their home made sauces that you can enjoy while they are cooking in front of of you. Super recommended!

10 amazing Canggu spots-Sizzle Wraps
Sizzle Wraps - burrito

Well obviously this one is just a small selection of 10 amazing Canggu spots to enjoy food that I liked more among the ones I had the time to try. My memories are right there with all the sunsets and the good vibes that the magic island has to offer. Writing this article I can't deny that a huge nostalgia embraced me all the time! In Bali there are obviously many more places to try, to explore and enjoy. Healthy, fresh and tasty food are among the main and best guarantees that this place has to offer all year long!

So what are you waiting for? Book your flight and enjoy!