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Surf can heal your mind-batu-bolong-beach
all pictures by Riccardo Tosetto Ph


I know, this is an off-topic, not everybody are on holiday in February and it's not possible to surf everywhere. I won't be on holiday forever but I'd like to share something positive that I felt during this trip since surf can heal your mind.

Today for the first time I had a bad day in Bali for several reasons and once I came back from a trip with the scooter I was pretty disappointed. It seemed an unacceptable situation considering that I'm suppose to be in the most spiritual place in the world.
So after wasting my first half of the day I took a quick nap and I decided to go to the beach to surf couple of hours during the sunset. I couldn't have take a better decision.

I love the ocean

Two hours in the water among people that are chilling whatever happens, no bad feelings, everybody are considered the same, pros and beginners, just there to share a passion. The only aim is to catch and ride some waves. It's important to be focused to do the best thing in the world, but without any pressure or any kind of competition. In this way your mind is completely freed. There's no space for bad thoughts, and everything is reorganized. You think about what was wrong, converting the bad feelings in good vibes. Getting the best solution to correct your mistakes because surf can heal your mind.

After that you're a new person, completely empty and ready to think again. So my suggestion is to try to learn to surf, no metter how old or how athletic you are. Just try and the satisfaction will infect everything, your mind and also your body, yes because it's one of the better and most complete, even if very hard, sports ever.
The alternative could be meditation and sadly I'll be force to know something about it in one week!


Once, talking about trips, a friend told me "Bali is always a good idea". I was late deciding something about holidays in 2019, so the budget was reduced and while I was checking randomly for flights I "accidentally" found this one with a ridiculous price. After booking, my friend Margherita gave me some awesome suggestions about where to stay and here we go, so...Bali again, always a good idea! My return in Venice will be characterized by a seriously busy agenda till next November. Due to this I needed a safe, quiet and relaxing shelter, the best I know.

Yes, again

I booked in October because I knew that February would have been a bad month in Venice for my job and I didn't hesitate. Few things changed in the meanwhile and I know I am going to miss someone. I also know that the magic island will make me a person even more awesome that I'm now, can you believe that?! So I will be back regenerated.
My only aim is to rest, relax and surf a lot, to do some meditation to free my mind and to find new inspirations and be prepared to face the new season in the lagoon and everything else. Everybody can find all these things in Bali, the most spiritual place in the world. Yes, Bali again!

This doesn't mean that I won't take pictures. There are places that I didn't explored yet. I'll take it easy and I'll go with the flow, following my feelings with no pressure enjoying the good vibes (only good vibes right?) that people there always have to offer!
So if you want follow what will happen on this blog and in the meanwhile start to plan your trip to Venice and check one the Shooting Different - Venice Photo Tours !