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It's not that common but sometimes my clients prefer the lights of the sunrise to the fascinating venetian darkness, and even if I find extremely difficult to wake up, being a night crawler, I always appreciate their crazy requests.
Usually during my Venice Photo Tours I'm focused on the client, to assist him or to teach him something new and I usually don't have time to take pictures for me, but the last time I did' resist...

Venice Photo Tours
all photos by Riccardo Tosetto Ph

Those colors are crazy, they wrap and cuddle the city during its most quiet moment making it even more magical and most of all they let you forget how crowed it could become after a couple of hours!If you really love Venice, sunrise is the moment.
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Touring Different_Venice Tours_Kat (5 di 6)
So don't wait, it's September and it's amazing here while going towards fall, visit the website and decide if you want to wake me up early or let me go to sleep late and book your favorite Venice Photo Tour!